Research Interests and Projects

Key Interests and Methods:

Language, Culture, and Ideology (political and social); Cognitive and Linguistic Variation Across Individuals and Cultures; Computational Linguistics; Behavioral Experimentation

Some Current Projects:

metaphor and framing

This project uses corpus-based and experimental methods to explore how metaphor and grammar can influence attitudes and reasoning about immigrants and immigration policy in the United States. We are interested in the force dynamics in metaphoric framing and understanding how shifts in the force-dynamic construal of a target concept (e.g., "immigrants are flooding over the border", "immigrants are trickling over the border") lead to shifts in attitudes and reasoning about that target concept (e.g., a social problem such as immigration reform).

metaphor and cognition

This project with uses EEG to measure ERPs related to the online processing of novel and conventional metaphor. We are interested in how different types of lexical priming (e.g., category-based mappings, comparison-based mappings) affect novel metaphor comprehension. We want to better understand the degree to which semantically congruent conventional, or primary, metaphors can facilitate processing of novel metaphors.

Past Projects:


Karuk Language Project